The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (2023)

No, they're not all voiced by Nick Kroll...

By Debby Wolfinsohn November 28, 2022 at 05:03 PM EST

Judy Blume books not included, Netflix's Big Mouth is hands-down (pants down?) the most horrifyingly accurate portrayal of puberty we've ever encountered. And with seven Emmy noms and two wins (both for Maya Rudolph's voice acting), much of the world seems to agree. The brainchild of comedian Nick Kroll (along with co-producers Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett), this Netflix animated series personifies puberty through the arrival of "hormone monsters," being ultra-horny Virgils to Bridgeton Middle School's adolescent (and equally aroused) Dantes, desperate for guidance in this "very special time" in a young person's life. The resulting show is fearless when it comes to discussing every bodily function and humiliating hormonal moment you can possibly remember (or repress in your subconscious).

And did we mention it's ridiculously hilarious? Seeded with stellar comedic talent (and cameos galore), Big Mouth is more educational than health class, more healing than a therapy session, and more embarrassing than your pimpliest yearbook photo. Watching it allows you to relive the awkward years while also feeling eternally grateful that it's over. And while we love hearing that some parents watch this show with their kids to facilitate those necessary (and tough) birds/bees conversations, we're not quite brave enough to go there — yet. In the meantime, here are just some of the voices behind the excruciatingly adolescent characters of Big Mouth.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Nick Kroll (as Nick Birch)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (1)

Credit: Everett Collection; Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

Nick Kroll (as Nick Birch)

Co-creator, writer, and Man of 1,000 Voices, Nick Kroll plays Nick Birch, a diminutive 12-year-old suburbanite who, at the series beginning, hasn't hit puberty yet (unlike his best friend, Andrew). In addition to playing this charming late-bloomer with an exceptionally large forehead, Kroll also voices a rogues' gallery of main and supporting characters, including: domineering middle schooler Lola Skumpy, Nick's hormone monster Maury, the Statue of Liberty, a smack-talking ladybug, a literal tampon, Picasso's ghost, and, of course, Coach Steve. And that list, in a nutshell, pretty much sums up the kind of creative chaos Big Mouth excels at.

Big Mouth Voice Actors John Mulaney (as Andrew Glouberman)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (2)

Credit: Everett Collection; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

(Video) The Voices Behind Big Mouth

John Mulaney (as Andrew Glouberman)

Playing friends on screen and in real life, the chemistry between John Mulaney (as Nick's best bud Andrew Glouberman) and Nick Kroll comes naturally. This isn't their first rodeo: the pair has worked together before, notably hitting Broadway with their two-man show, Oh, Hello! While Nick's character is a late-bloomer, Andrew is, well, fully bloomed, spending a lot of time dealing with an overactive imagination, out-of-control hormones, and a favorite new pastime called… masturbation. Andrew and Nick explore many of the awkward aspects of adolescence together, from the "am I gay?" question to fight-club style throwdowns, and while Andrew sometimes sounds a bit more like a cranky old man than a 13-year-old boy, this only makes it funnier.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Jessi Klein (as Jessi Glaser)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (3)

Credit: Everett Collection;

Jessi Klein (as Jessi Glaser)

As Jessi Glaser, SNL and Inside Amy Schumer writer Jessi Klein provides the crucial female perspective on puberty. Whether delving into memorable/horrible events like getting your first period (while wearing white shorts) or kissing a boy you're not sure you actually like, Klein approaches these topics with all of the humor (and gravitas) they deserve. Her deadpan blend of hilarity and sincerity creates the perfect balance to do the subjects justice, bringing a deft touch to traumatic situations (see above), and making her journey from girl to woman (facilitated by Maya Rudolph's killer hormone monstress) truly groundbreaking television.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Ayo Edebiri (as Missy Foreman-Greenwald)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (4)

Credit: Netflix;

Ayo Edebiri (as Missy Foreman-Greenwald)

Now probably best known for her breakthrough role as chef Sydney on The Bear, Ayo Edebiri took over the role of Missy from Jenny Slate near the end of season four after the producers acknowledged they had erred in hiring a white actress (Slate) to voice a biracial character. Edebiri doesn't just step into the role, however, she deepens it, making perhaps the show's most compelling coming-of-age arc out of the uber-awkward, nerdy, striving Missy as she transforms into a more confident, self-aware person. And the fact she does it without losing any of Missy's silly sweetness? Magic.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Jason Mantzoukas (as Jay Bilzerian)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (5)

Credit: Netflix;

(Video) John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and Jenny Slate Recap 'Big Mouth' Season 1 in 10 Minutes | Vanity Fair

Jason Mantzoukas (as Jay Bilzerian)

With his distinctively goofy/gravelly voice, Jason Mantzoukas plays the confused, slightly tragic, bisexual magician Jay Bilzerian. Jay has a lot on his plate: horrible parents, bullying brothers, the mockery of his peers, you get the picture. It's no wonder his pillow is his best friend (and, uh, lover). His habit of sexually harassing everybody (plus his violent streak) puts him in bad guy territory, though later in the series, Nick's family takes him in, where he experiences actual meals instead of food scraps for the first time. And in the midst of that character storm is Mantzoukas, whose ability to mix bluster and fear perfectly expresses the turmoil going on in poor Jay's brain.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Andrew Rannells (as Matthew MacDell)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (6)

Credit: Netflix;

Andrew Rannells (as Matthew MacDell)

Matthew MacDell, the "school anchorman," (he does the morning announcements like a gossip segment) is Big Mouth's one-man Greek chorus, summing things up with his quicksilver intensity. Playing an over-the-top, high-energy, and (at first) the school's only openly gay kid who lives for drama, Andrew Rannells' clear-as-a-bell voice takes center stage — which is really no surprise, seeing as he's kind of a big deal (to say the least) on Broadway.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Fred Armisen (as Elliot Birch)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (7)

Credit: Netflix;

Fred Armisen (as Elliot Birch)

We all knew a dad like Nick's growing up — an endless source of over-sharing embarrassment. And was there ever a more perfect person to play this guileless, sweetly demented role than Fred Armisen? We think not. Armisen has said that the voice of Elliot Birch was inspired by Henry Winkler, which we can totally hear (now that he's mentioned it). Luckily, Armisen also voices other supporting parts in Big Mouth (including but not limited to the ghost of Antonin Scalia), because you can never have too much Fred.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Richard Kind (as Marty Glouberman)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (8)

Credit: Netflix;

(Video) Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection

Richard Kind (as Marty Glouberman)

He had us at "helllllooo!?" Richard Kind's instantly recognizable voice conveys so much feeling it's a bit… uncanny. Kind's expertise at playing characters who are equal parts sweet, slightly exasperated, and terribly nervous makes his role as Marty Glouberman a stroke of casting genius, sounding like the kind of guy who's always just about to knock a lamp off the table. As Andrew's dad (and the world's #1 scallop fan), Kind brings big Curb Your Enthusiasm energy to Big Mouth, usually at the expense of his — to put it in Marty's own words — "pervert" son Andrew.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Maya Rudolph (as Connie the Hormone Monstress)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (9)

Credit: Netflix;

Maya Rudolph (as Connie the Hormone Monstress)

Even with a catalog as deep and varied as Maya Rudolph's, Connie the Hormone Monstress is an absolute legend. Rudolph took the concept and made it her own, going from gut-bustingly funny to searingly honest in the blink of an eye — and winning a couple of Emmys for it along the way. As Jessi's guide out of girlhood, Connie has a memorable, hair-tossing entrance (on the day of Jessi's first period) that was both funny and shockingly accurate in its expression of the rocky road every teenage girl must take. Note: it's worth tuning in to hear Rudolph's way of turning common words ("buh-bble bath") into brand new (and somehow naughty) ones.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Thandiwe Newton (as Mona the Hormone Monstress)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (10)

Credit: Everett Collection; Sylvain Lefevre/WireImage

Thandiwe Newton (as Mona the Hormone Monstress)

As Missy's hormone monstress, Mona is a brassy, brazen bridge to adulthood. Bringing a slinky twist to the character without sacrificing an ounce of her strength, Thandiwe Newton makes the most of her rich British accent and haughty, fiery delivery (emphasized by Mona's lighter-flicking habit). As the perfect backup for unsure Missy, Mona is a true scene-stealer. If anyone can help a nerdy, awkward middle school kid with a heart of gold find her feminine force, the amazing Newton can.

Big Mouth Voice Actors David Thewlis (as the Shame Wizard)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (11)

Credit: Netflix;

(Video) Nick Kroll Shows Off the Many Voices of His Big Mouth Characters

David Thewlis (as the Shame Wizard)

Nothing less than a classically trained, massively respected, award-winning British actor could be trusted to play the Shame Wizard, something all of us have to deal with — but especially middle school kids. David Thewlis takes his job seriously, imbuing the Shame Wizard with all of the gravity, horror, humor, and, well… ickiness the role demands.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Jordan Peele (as the Ghost of Duke Ellington)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (12)

Credit: Netflix;

Jordan Peele (as the Ghost of Duke Ellington)

Jordan Peele does a bunch of small but memorable roles on Big Mouth, in particular, plenty of ghosts (Duke Ellington, Freddie Mercury, Prince, etc). Could this be because he's one of the premiere horror directors of our time? Hmmm. He also plays more, you know, alive characters, too, like Missy's dad Cyrus Byrus and her Grandma Foreman, bringing a gentle weirdo flair to roles that are a bit of a callback to his Key & Peele days.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Pamela Adlon (as Sonya the Love Bug)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (13)

Credit: Netflix;

Pamela Adlon (as Sonya the Love Bug)

Bringing her one-of-a-kind, tough-but-sweet pipes to season five as Jessi's "love bug" Sonya, Pamela Adlon is a voice acting veteran, earning a Primetime Emmy in 2002 for her role as Bobby on Mike Judge's classic King of the Hill.

Big Mouth Voice Actors Keke Palmer (as Rochelle the Hate Worm)

The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth' (14)

Credit: Netflix;

(Video) All Voice Actors In Big Mouth Season 5 Revealed!!

Keke Palmer (as Rochelle the Hate Worm)

Keke Palmer's mile-a-minute delivery is perfect for Rochelle, Missy's "hate worm" (the one with the cute eyebrow piercing). Coming in hot, Palmer brings her peppery wit and sarcastic humor to the role, one that seems tailor-made for her signature sweet-n-sour voice.

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The voice actors behind 'Big Mouth'? ›

Chelsea Peretti (Monica Foreman-Greenwald), Gina Rodriguez (Gina Alvarez), Ali Wong (Ali), Kat Dennings (Leah Birch), Brandon Kyle Goodman (Walter), Maria Bamford (Tito the Anxiety Mosquito), David Thewlis (Shame Wizard), Mark Duplass (Val Bilzerian), Zachary Quinto (Aiden), Paul Scheer (Kurt Bilzerian), Chloe Fineman ...

Who does the voices for each character on Big Mouth? ›

Chelsea Peretti (Monica Foreman-Greenwald), Gina Rodriguez (Gina Alvarez), Ali Wong (Ali), Kat Dennings (Leah Birch), Brandon Kyle Goodman (Walter), Maria Bamford (Tito the Anxiety Mosquito), David Thewlis (Shame Wizard), Mark Duplass (Val Bilzerian), Zachary Quinto (Aiden), Paul Scheer (Kurt Bilzerian), Chloe Fineman ...

Did Leah's voice change Big Mouth? ›

Kat Dennings (Leah's original voice actress) quit the show when she got too busy with other projects. Starting with Season 5, Leah's new voice actress has been Chloe Fineman. Leah is one of the characters to have their voice actresses changed after Season 4.

Why did Kat Dennings leave Big Mouth? ›

Katherine "Kat Dennings" Litwack is an American actress who portrays Leah Birch in Big Mouth before she quit voice acting in Season 4 because she was busy with other projects and Chloe Fineman took over as the new voice actress for Leah in Season 5.

How many people does Nick Kroll voice in Big Mouth? ›

Nick Kroll (as Nick Birch)

Co-creator, writer, and Man of 1,000 Voices, Nick Kroll plays Nick Birch, a diminutive 12-year-old suburbanite who, at the series beginning, hasn't hit puberty yet (unlike his best friend, Andrew).

Is Steve from Big Mouth autistic? ›

In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", Miss Benitez diagnosed Coach Steve with a learning disability, explaining his lack of ability to read. Having a brother with a learning or intellectual disability, she thought it was her place to help teach him how to read.

Who is Jay based off of in Big Mouth? ›

Jason Mantzoukas: Jay Bilzerian, Guy Bilzerian, Ghost of Socrates, Gina's Brother #1, Mario, Pornscape Residents, Radio DJ, Sperm #1. Jump to: Photos (21)

Is Caleb from Big Mouth autistic? ›

Caleb is a recurring character in Big Mouth. He is a student at Bridgeton Middle School, who participates in the school jazz club and works as the cameraman for the school news, which makes him part of the AV club. He is an asocial, yet very intelligent autistic kid who can't read social cues.

Why did Missy from Big Mouth change? ›

When the actor announced her departure in 2020, she said she had “reasoned that it was permissible for me to play Missy because her mom is Jewish and white – as am I”, but continued: “Missy is also Black, and Black characters on an animated show should be played by Black people.”

Did they replace Missy on Big Mouth? ›

But after the “Big Mouth” team realized that there was a moment in the narrative where it made sense for the switch to happen, it was decided that Edebiri would make her debut as Missy during the Season 4's penultimate episode, “Horrority House.”

Will there be a season 7 of Big Mouth? ›

'Big Mouth' Renewed for Eighth and Final Season at Netflix

Puberty can only last so long. “Big Mouth” has been renewed for Season 8 at Netflix, which will be the animated comedy's final installation. Additionally, “Big Mouth” spinoff “Human Resources” will end with its previously greenlit second season.

Who is the Mexican girl in Big Mouth? ›

Gina Alvarez is a major recurring character in Big Mouth. She is known for being the first girl in school to develop breasts, which causes a shift in social dynamics with her being the center of attention of all the boys and the envy of all the girls. She is voiced by Gina Rodriguez.

Who is Jay's hormone monster? ›

He is a hormonal, sexually driven teenager and is the only main teenager in the series who doesn't have a hormone monster. He is villainous for sexually harassing people and enacting violence on his friends. However, he's working on getting over that. He is voiced by Jason Mantzoukas.

Who voices Dwayne Johnson in Big Mouth? ›

Big Mouth (TV Series 2017–2024) - Jess Harnell as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - IMDb.

Who plays Sylvester Stallone in Big Mouth? ›

Nick Kroll is the voice of Sylvestor Stallone in Big Mouth.

Who voices Adam Levine in Big Mouth? ›

Ed Helms, Adam Levine, and Matt Rogers as Bros 4 Life

The Bros are voiced by The Office star Ed Helms, The Voice judge (and also Maroon 5 frontman) Adam Levine, and I Love That for You and Fire Island star Matt Rogers, and obviously there will be boy-band production numbers aplenty.

What gender is Montel in Big Mouth? ›

Montel is Quadrisian (a non-binary person who loves men), as in "The Parents Aren't Alright", Montel asked if the burglar was handsome and if they were going to kiss him.

Who is pregnant on Big Mouth? ›

Connie has a long sexual past with Maury that dates back nearly as far as time. They have an on and off relationship that swings from sexual partners to bitter enemies. In the first season finale of Human Resources, Maury becomes pregnant with Connie's child, but Connie does not want the baby.

Is Nick from Big Mouth a girl? ›

At the start of the series, Nick Birch appears as a 12-year-old boy, going to Bridgeton Middle School. His best friends are Andrew Glouberman, Jessi Glaser, and Jay Bilzerian.

Is lola from Big Mouth a trump supporter? ›

It was also implied that she was a Trump supporter, given how she said "Magga", which could have been a reference to Trump's slogan, "M.A.G.A." (or "Make America Great Again").

Who is the ponytail killer? ›

"Big Mouth" The Pornscape (TV Episode 2017) - Gil Ozeri as The Ponytail Killer, Pornscape Residents - IMDb.

Who is Jesse based off Big Mouth? ›

Jessi Klein (Born August 19, 1975) is an American comedy writer and stand up comedian. She plays the role of Jessi Glaser, a main character in Big Mouth.

Who plays baby montel in Big Mouth? ›

Cole Escola as Montel, Maury's and Connie's biological non-binary child.

What ethnicity is Natalie from Big Mouth? ›

In "Rutgers is for Lovers", Natalie's parents, Amir and Nabilah are introduced, who are Middle Eastern and Caucasian, respectively, making Natalie a mixed race Eurasian. Specifically, Natalie is of Lebanese descent as this is where her paternal grandparents, Yara and Wassim are from.

Who speaks Lola in Big Mouth? ›

The lovable cast boasts many wonderful characters, and each season brings new additions. But no matter who else joins the Big Mouth ensemble, I simply can't get enough of Lola (voiced by creator and all-around vocal maestro Nick Kroll).

Why is Jenny Slate no longer on Big Mouth? ›

Jenny Slate has quit cult animated show Big Mouth because her character is supposed to be biracial. The 38-year-old has announced she's stepping down from the role of Missy on the hit Netflix series, because a black actress should voice the part.

Who took over Missy's voice? ›

In the previous seasons of Big Mouth, Missy has been voiced by white actor Jenny Slate, but she quit the role in June to make room for a black performer. Ayo Edebiri takes over the role in the show's ninth episode with season four making multiple direct references to the change.

Who is Missy boyfriend in Big Mouth season 6? ›

Brian Tyree Henry as Elijah

It's about time that Missy (Ayo Edebiri) got a new love interest. And this season her lucky gentleman friend is a new kid by the name of Elijah.

Why did Connie stop being Missy's hormone monster? ›

In the Season 2 finale, Connie was fired as Jessie's Hormone Monster due to her bad influence, but in Season 3, she's still around her, acting as like nothing has happened.

Are they making a season 6 of Big Mouth? ›

When is Big Mouth Season 6 Coming Out? Season 6 of Big Mouth is slated to release on Friday, October 28th, 2022.

Why does Missy sound different in season 5? ›

Nick Kroll said: “The switch happens when Missy has come to terms with who she is.” Specifically, when she comes to terms with her own racial identity. This was also based on a practical struggle and respect for Edebiri because Jenny Slate had already recorded the majority of her dialogue for season four.

Is Big Mouth a sad ending? ›

At the end of the series, Chang-ho is able to make Do-ha pay for his sins but not through the court. He recovered all the money that he had stolen and gave it to charities to make a difference.

Is Big Mouth getting a spin off? ›

Additionally, Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources will end with its upcoming second season, which will premiere in the coming months. The final chapter of Big Mouth will serve as a sendoff for both shows as the characters and stories from Human Resources will flow into the new episodes of the mothership series.

What is the age rating for Big Mouth? ›

This show is officially rated 17+. This is for legal reasons. I'm very convinced that it is a healthy and great show for any kid who has hit puberty and does not live a completely sheltered life (some 11 year olds are not ready for it yet, but some are &that's why I recommended 11).

What race is Jay in Big Mouth? ›

Appearance. Jay is a 13-year-old Armenian-Greek (former part indicated, as his surname is Armenian; latter part confirmed in Season 4 Episode 10) tan-skinned boy with black spiky hair, brown eyes, big black eyebrows that almost form a unibrow, big ears, and a hooked nose.

Is Lola from Big Mouth a guy? ›

Lola is a plus sized teenage girl with a warm toned complexion.

Who is the anxiety mosquito? ›

Tito Taylor Thomas (AKA The Anxiety Mosquito) is a major recurring villain from the Netflix original, Big Mouth. She is a mosquito that represents anxiety.

Who is the youngest hormone monster? ›

Biography. Tyler is a young Hormone Monster, taking Nick as his first adolescent. He makes many mistakes and is conventionally childish, while also having a perverted side. He's first found by Nick in his closet, and happily introduces himself.

Why did Jay and Lola break up? ›

Although Jay plans to join her eventually, Lola later ends the relationship because she is now dating Dexter.

What is Jay's gender? ›

Jay (given name)
Meaningnickname for several names beginning with the letter J "win", "victory" in Sanskrit
Other names
Related namesJohn, Jason, Jaylin, Jacob, Jack, James, Jamie

Who are all the characters voiced by Nick Kroll Big Mouth? ›

Nick Kroll
  • Born. June 5, 1978, NY.
  • Occupation. Actor, comedian, writer, producer.
  • Years Active. 2004–present.
  • Characters. Coach Steve. Nick Birch. Maurice. Lola Skumpy. Rick. Mila Jansen. Lotte Jansen. Rabbi Paul Blart. Ladybug. Nick Starr. Bad Mitten. Pillola. Himself.

Is Missy a different voice in Big Mouth? ›

Edebiri, who also joined the “Big Mouth” writers room for the fifth season, takes over the role from Jenny Slate, who had voiced the character since the series premiered.

Who voices the autistic kid in Big Mouth? ›

He is a student at Bridgeton Middle School, who participates in the school jazz club and works as the cameraman for the school news, which makes him part of the AV club. He is an asocial, yet very intelligent autistic kid who can't read social cues. He first appeared in "Everybody Bleeds". He is voiced by Joe Wengert.

Who is the actual main character in Big Mouth? ›

How many voices does Seth MacFarlane do? ›

Seth MacFarlane is the man of a thousand voices, quite literally. On just the hit animated series on FOX, Family Guy, MacFarlane is credited with over 700 voices throughout its 23 years.

Why did Missy leave Big Mouth? ›

I wanted to depart and make space for performers who should be playing the part I was playing.” Slate added that the “general feeling of grief” following the killing of George Floyd inspired the move, also.

Who voices Judd in Big Mouth? ›

Image of Who voices Judd in Big Mouth?
Jon Daly, sometimes credited as Jonathan C. Daly, Jon C. Daly or Jonathan Barney Daly, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer best known for his sketch comedy work on the Comedy Central series Kroll Show.

Why did Missy get a new voice? ›

Missy's voice changes in season four of Big Mouth because, behind the scenes, Jenny Slate and creator Nick Kroll decided it was wrong for a black character to be voiced by a white actress.

Who are the German twins in Big Mouth? ›

Mila & Lotte Jansen are recurring antagonists in Big Mouth. They are two sexually progressive foreign exchange students from The Netherlands, who transferred to Bridgeton Middle School. Mila and Lotte both have cannibalistic tendencies and constantly lament about how they crave human flesh.

Who voices Michael in Big Mouth? ›

Image of Who voices Michael in Big Mouth?
Sterling Kelby Brown is an American actor. He is the recipient of various accolades, including three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. He was included in Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018.

What gender is Nick in Big Mouth? ›

Series 3 begins with Nick; a teenage boy based on one of 'Big Mouth's' creators, Nick Kroll (Hunt, 2019) adjusting to life with his new female hormone monster, Connie.

Why is Rochelle a worm? ›

Rochelle is a hateful and spiteful little worm, who causes her clients to let their own feelings of anger dominate their behavior. She encourages people to act before thinking and be guided by their emotions rather than their rational thinking.

Is Big Mouth a true story? ›

Big Mouth is very much based on true stories

Everything came down in front of my childhood crush," Kroll told NowThis Entertainment, referencing a mortifying "Big Mouth" moment.


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