Gynoid Model 13 Deluxe - Lori (2023)

Why choose Silicone Lovers? - An authentic sex doll seller.

We have a huge selection of authentic sex dolls and high quality love doll companions, excellent customer service before and after sales, money back guarantee on all sex dolls, price match services available upon request, free shipping and tax/custom clearance service. We are an official sex doll vendor who are verified on the doll forum with lots of third party five star reviews…and not one negative review to date. Touch silicone. We are a small team so our overheads are low and we can pass these savings on to you. We listen to our customer’s needs and take onboard their feedback. We help customers with their research and also update our site regularly with the latest, new release sex dolls and keep abreast (pardon the pun) of the latest news and trends. We work hard so you can play hard.

Want to buy a high-quality sex doll? What our customers say:

Genuine quotes from some of our recent Verified Trustpilot Reviews:

“My Vote for best vendor is Silicone Lovers,I can't recommend Silicone Lovers enough. They are great to talk to and will help you through pre and post sales like no one else. After 16 dolls and ~40 heads through 11 vendors, this should be considered high praise. They are very experienced and have good relationships with the factories.”Dexter Quest.

“Silicone Lovers is one of the best firms I have purchased from. I received my items in under 3 weeks from order to at the door (supposed to be much longer). Every question was answered promptly and with help when decisions making was needed. Plus, they followed up my order very closely. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable in their products. The price is very good as well, I will certainly buy from them again, and would recommend anyone to buy from them…” KK.

“As a first time buyer, this was an awesome experience. The team was quick to reply with any questions I had, and the factory photos and video before shipment are very reassuring."Walnut Burgundy.

“First of all, it’s such a relief to find honesty and integrity in this industry. Over the years I’ve accepted being ripped off as part of the process, thank god things are changing! SL answered all my questions and worked with me on all the customisations and we created an amazing work of art. They really know their stuff and I felt like I was in good hands. I’m so amazed at how natural she is and it’s the first doll I’ve had that feels really life-like.” Jon.

Are you authorised& legit sex doll sellers?

Yes. We are a verified sex doll vendor and an official and authorised sex doll reseller, listed on the official websites of our manufacturers and backed by the largest sex doll forum on the planet - The Doll Forum, where 60,000+ members openly discuss their experience (good and bad) they have had with vendors and sex doll manufacturers around the world (including us), so if in doubt, why not pop down to the doll forum or read our awesome reviews on Trustpilot. You’ll soon find out…we are legit sex doll sellers and we sell high quality sex dolls only.

We are really proud of our customer service, our customer base and the company we have built, we have a reputation to protect so if we sold inferior fakes we would certainly not get very far. We sell only high quality, authentic TPE and silicone sex dolls that are 100% legitimate from the official manufacturers, the real deal or your money back.

We encourage you to shop around and we would too but we do advise you do your homework and either go with TDF approved vendors (see the list here) or check in on TDF for reviews before you check out with other sites. We are happy to price match authentic dolls not scam sites.

Are your dolls 100% authentic sex dolls?

Yes, abso-freaking-lutely! We only sell dolls made by the world’s best and most reputable manufacturers who implement strict quality control procedures and health and safety procedures. We have excellent relationships with our manufacturers and work closely with them to ensure our customers only receive high quality sex dolls, every-time.

Our love doll money back guarantee:

We offer a full money back guarantee on all our dolls. If your doll arrives damaged, faulty or not what you ordered, we’ll make sure you get looked after 100%. Our service does not stop once you pass the checkout at Silicone Lovers, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, both before and after sales. Why not have a quick chat with one of our customer care team before making your first purchase, I’m sure we’ll put any concerns you may have at ease. You can also check out our verified reviews on Trustpilot - a third party review authority.

Our sex dolls go through meticulous inspection and quality control checks, so you knowyou are only everreceiving the best in premium quality sex dolls the world can offer, whatever you’re looking for - Silicone Lovers has you covered.

How to order a realistic sex doll?

Ordering your first sex doll can seem like a difficult task, but it needn’t be, and you should be super excited about it! It’s easy really, just pick a doll you really (really) like and select “as photo” for a simple pre-configured doll or to make a fully customised doll, choose all of your customisable options, all the naughty bits and all the pretty bits and hit the ‘ADD TO CART’ button. For more info on custom options click here.

Check your order on the cart page where you can make any changes and proceed through checkout. Hey presto! You just bought a sex doll, good for you – life will never be the same!

We manually checkeveryorder and double check everything via email personally with you, so if we think there are any mistakes we’ll check and you’ll get second chance to update or change your mind about the details. If you’re ever unsure of anything, just ask, we’re always happy to help. We can help with skin tones, show you factory photos or give you concierge style guidance on how to select a love doll that’s just right for you.


We offer FREE worldwide shipping on all sexdolls.

Customs + Taxes:

  • All taxes and customs clearance are included in the price and taken care of by us whenever possible*
  • There areno hidden feesandnoadditional chargesfor USA, UK & EU.
  • Shipping isFREEto all countries where sex dolls are legal, worldwide.**

*Please note: for some countries e.g CA, NO,AU, CH & SA, we pay for all shipping costs and offer a complete customs clearance service, but it is not possible to pay customs clearance upfront. We will do all the liaison with customs so you do not need to worry and we will happily reimburse 50% of the cost of your customs duty and tax fees for the countries that cannot be paid in advance. Making sure this process is stress-free is a really important part of our service and support so we will always “hold your hand”.

** Sorry. we do not ship to countries that havestrict laws regarding sex dolls.If you are unsure please check with us before placing an order to avoid disappointment.


  • All our sex dolls are delivered in 100% discreet packaging.
  • Sex dolls arrive in a plain brown box with no branding.
  • The courieror handler does not know what is in the box.

The Silicone Lovers sex doll experience:

  1. Select your favourite doll from our full collection of premium sex dolls.
  2. Customise your doll. Check out a brief explanation of all the options here - Custom Sex Doll Options. Be sure get in touch if you have any questions.
  3. Checkout Proceed through checkout. Visit our checkout troubleshooting page if you’re having issues.
  4. Order confirmation. You’ll receive an order confirmation immediately after purchase, and we’ll be in touch with in 24 hrs to manually confirm all the details are correct and make sure any extra questions are answered.
  5. Fabrication. Bring your sex doll to life. Our workshop artist begins the process of hand making your doll.
  6. Workshop Photos: When your doll is ready, you’ll receive factory photos so you can confirm everything looks as it should. Perhaps your doll will need a few small tweaks, a different wig, some different eyes, no problem at all. You’ll also receive an after-care guide with help and information for beginners like 'How to clean your sex doll' and 'Best love doll tips and tricks'.
  7. Shipping and Delivery. Once you’ve received and confirmed that the factory photos of your doll are perfect, your doll is then shipped and on their way to a new home - yours! We pay for all shipping costs and customs clearance for USA, UK and European customers. Please note: for other countries e.g CA, NO,AU, CH & SA we pay for all shipping costs and offer a complete customs clearance service, but it is not possible to pay customs clearance upfront. We will do all the liaison with customs so you don't need to worry, and we will happily reimburse 50% of the cost of your customs and tax fees for the countries that cannot be paid in advance. Making sure this process is stress-free is a really important part of our service and support.
  8. Tracking number: You will receive a tracking number and be able to arrange a specific day for collection/ delivery directly with our couriers. Fedex + UPS.
  9. Delivery: Your doll has arrived. Enjoy, we know we might not hear from you for a few days because you’ll be “busy”, but if you need us, just get in touch.

(Average time from sex doll purchase to delivery is under 3 weeks, depending on your location.)

Turn your sex doll fantasy into a real-life love doll companion!

So…what are you waiting for? We have a huge selection of sex dolls and love doll companions, ever growing, if you can’t see the doll you are looking for, just ask- because we can either source it (if it exists) or help you create it if it does not! We’re always forming new partnerships and always updating our catalogue. We sell hundreds of sex dolls around the world. We've got big beautiful women, fit muscle girls, busty beauties, elegant ladies,exotic vixens, hot babes, sexy mistresses & cute princesses – not to mention the hot male sex dolls and trans sex dolls, hentai style sex dolls, we can even create a futanari sex doll for you! You name it - we've got it! We have partnered withsome of the most amazing love doll manufacturers and have one of thelargestselection of sex dolls in the world.

Drop us a line if you have any questions, or speak to us on live chat, we’re here to help.

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